Light up your world with Utorch, a leading brand for premium quality flashlights, lamps and other lighting solutions. For those who demand quality without compromise, get a world of bright ideas for less with Utorch.

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Much so that I ended up ordering a second set of lights within a week of receiving my first set, great quality product and the remote control feature makes this product a must buy if you don't want to manually turn on the lights every time you walk into the room, I bought these for my college dorm room because I hate the florescent lights that the room already has, best part is you can have customized colors preset onto the remote - for instance I have one color for studying, and a different one for winding down for the night
Utorch UT01 LED Flashlight - отличный факел для EDC. Большая популярность этого фонарика делает его очень хорошим подарком. Сильный свет и батарейки АА - это те же преимущества этого фонарика. Я рекомендую его всем в качестве подарка и для себя. Супер продукт !!! Супер фонарик !!!
He comprado, de color blanco, 3 unidades para poner en el pasillo de casa. Decir que no son muy potentes pero dan la luz perfecta para iluminar el trozo de pasillo que alcanza la luz de una pieza, y al dar un par de pasos "a oscuras" la siguiente luz detecta el movimiento y se enciende. Ya no necesito encender las luces de todo el pasillo por la noche cuando salgo a la cocina o al aseo.
These lights are activated by motion sensors and they work for approximately half a minute after the last detected motion. The tone of light ist warum and the brightness is quite high, definitrly sufficient for night time environments. Mounting these lights is very easy, either by applyubg screws, adhesive pads (included) or the built-in magnets.
Night Light. It very helpful. I have several items in my home. <br>The light of the warm light unit gives a natural feeling.<br>Like very much.
the utorch its extra better then on screan to bad i ordered only 3 because my mother want another utorch cuz my dad take it to his ofice thats how he like it
Artigo muito útil para levar para campismo e ter em caso para situações em que falhe a luz.Funciona como pretendido.
This is a great torch. It has a large lens so it has a very good long throw. It is still a compact torch, and with the 26650 battery it has a good long run time.
La utilizzo per il tragitto da casa alla stazione ferroviaria, utilizzandola al livello 2 (4 in totale) fa abbastanza luce e la batteria dura settimane (10 minuti al giorno) se serve più luce diminuisce l'autonomia ma avete veramente l'equivalente di un faro dell'auto.
Works good. <br>Need to use AAA batteries.<br>Pir functionality.<br>If it would have a usb port to be recharged, it would be better.
Bardzo przydatny gadżet,polecam wszystkim niezdecydowanym.<br>Działa bez zarzutu i wygląda elegancko :)
device have already worked at me about half year. Charger also worj is good. it have about 1.7-1.8 A current
świetna lampka, dzieciaki mega zadowolone.<br>świetna zabawka dla dzieciaków.
Me encanta para iluminar. La tengo en la cocina y en la escalera y la verdad es que me gusta mucha. Se enciende enseguida y ilumina bastante bien.
De boa qualidade e funciona na perfeição.<br>A luz é suficiente para iluminar espaço indicado.<br>Satisfeito com o artigo.
Es un muy buen producto.. Excelente calidad de sonido a buen precio.. Muy recomendado