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Well made product! There's no smell and I hope it's really 304 stainless steel.The quality is very good and the bottle looks so cool. I have tested it for high temps:<br>Filled the bottle with 96*C (almost boiling) water and left overnight. 7 hours 40 minutes passed - water temperature remained at 67*C. That's good I think.<br>The bottle full of hot water remained cool. The only heating up point was the plug. Not much but it was a bit warm so could be a space for improvement.<br>Overall very good product. Will order one more bottle.
un produs foarte ok! arata bine, bare foarte bine facut, solid se aseaza bine in mana, materiale bune<br>functioneaza bine si foarte util in bucatarie<br>si transportul a fost ok!
It is great price for 24 cupcake silicone mold. I used it and I didn't need steal mold to hold the bakings. It includes molds in various colors so kids will like to choose their favorite one. I recommend.
Diese Wasserflasche ist die beste Flasche, die ich je gekauft habe. <br>Sie ist auch bei kohlensäurenhaltigen Getränken dicht, sie hält die kühle Temperatur über viele Stunden (ca. 6-7 Stunden), sie hat eine sehr angenehme Füllmenge und sie ist extrem robust.<br>Ich würde sie immer wieder kaufen und auch unbedingt weiter empfehlen!<br>Tolles Produkt!
Fasza kompakt, hátulján lévő mágnessel simán leraktam a smoker oldalrára.Bluetooth kapcsolattal ,hamar párosodik. szól ha elveszti azonnal szól. Tesztelve lett vizforralóval , és 100 foknál többet nem mutatott.
Perfect for protecting kitchen countertops against heat marks especially quartz and wood. Very good product and easy to clean
I love it. Liquids stay warm for a long time and it is really tough build. I like the shiny color as well. what is most important that it keeps shut and do not spill! So I definively recommen this insulated bottle to anyone looking for this!
Estava um pouco séptico quanto à qualidade do material, mas estava enganado. tem bons acabamentos e o revestimento exterior da-lhe um toque de "classe". <br>Agora vamos ver a resitência e a duração da bateria
nice item.... it does the job... thank you gearbest for the unique products...
Ho aspettato un po' per fare la recensione sono al mare e ho adoperato la bottiglia funziona molto bene e l'acqua rimane fresca per molto tempo. ottimo acquisto
This is mandatory in every house, must be one of my best purchases ever. Recomend it hard!<br>Just be careful trowing them at the glasses, they can break
Soddisfattissimo , sono riuscito finalmente ad affilare svariati coltelli che in cucina non affilava da anni . Sicuro e stabile , lo consiglio .
The melon slicer is from medium quality. The cutting is now easier and the slicer can be washedin a dishwasher
Chegou bem rápido. Garrafa bonita e manten a água gelada.
Rien à dire produit de qualité conforme à la présentation.<br>efficace pour la céramique également
Klappt gut und ist praktisch.<br>Auch gut um den Milchbehälter der Simens Q9 zu putzen<br> <br>Gueni